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This is about some code and brief introduction of a project of mine when I study in Genmany. The Project deal with issues related to the PX4FLOW Smart Camera.This devices is an optical flow sensor which can replace GPS indoor application and permits robuts velocity and position information. The PX4FLOW module output data packets via USB on the basis of propriety MAVLINK communication protocol. After finishing my project, I presentated my project result in paper, I had shared it in my personal blog, If you feel intrested in, you can read it from my blog, my blog website: Chiese blog: http://blog.csdn.net/github_27609763/article/details/47031569 If there were something mistakes or wrongs please poit it out directly to me, I'm always ready to accept your adivice. My personal email is ganyiwelldone@gmail.com Learning from each other, imporving ourselves together.
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为观察心电信号或一般信号,并做出频谱分析,特设计该系统。系统具有采集处理显示心电信 号的功能,由三大部分组合而成,分别是模拟前端,开发板信号处理和 PC 上位机显示。模拟前端完 成微弱信号拾取滤波放大等处理,数据处理使用 ADC 完成模拟信号数字化,进行 FFT 运算,数据传输 依靠串口进行。实际实现过程中出现 ADC 采样周期选取,SDRAM 存储误码,FFT 分辨率与计算量折中 考虑和上位机应用无法切换界面等问题。经逐步分析改良解决问题,最后测试,系统基本完成预计功 能。
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