版本发布时间: 2014-05-16

API Changes

  • New Response property is_redirect, which is true when the library could have processed this response as a redirection (whether or not it actually did).
  • The timeout parameter now affects requests with both stream=True and stream=False equally.
  • The change in v2.0.0 to mandate explicit proxy schemes has been reverted. Proxy schemes now default to http://.
  • The CaseInsensitiveDict used for HTTP headers now behaves like a normal dictionary when references as string or viewd in the interpreter.


  • No longer expose Authorization or Proxy-Authorization headers on redirect. Fix CVE-2014-1829 and CVE-2014-1830 respectively.
  • Authorization is re-evaluated each redirect.
  • On redirect, pass url as native strings.
  • Fall-back to autodetected encoding for JSON when Unicode detection fails.
  • Headers set to None on the Session are now correctly not sent.
  • Correctly honor decode_unicode even if it wasn't used earlier in the same response.
  • Stop advertising compress as a supported Content-Encoding.
  • The Response.history parameter is now always a list.
  • Many, many urllib3 bugfixes.