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Yii是一个高性能的PHP5的web应用程序开发框架。通过一个简单的命令行工具 yiic 可以快速创建一个web应用程序的代码框架,开发者可以在生成的代码框架基础上添加业务逻辑,以快速完成应用程序的开发。

开发者 web应用 应用程序 程序开发 yii

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Yii Web Programming Framework

Thank you for choosing Yii - a high-performance component-based PHP framework.

Build Status

Note that Yii 1.1 has reached end of life and won't receive updates except security fixes. Please start new projects using Yii 2.


Please make sure the release file is unpacked under a Web-accessible directory. You shall see the following files and directories:

  demos/               demos
  framework/           framework source files
  requirements/        requirement checker
  CHANGELOG            describing changes in every Yii release
  LICENSE              license of Yii
  README               this file
  UPGRADE              upgrading instructions


The minimum requirement by Yii is that your Web server supports PHP 5.1.0 or above. Yii has been tested with Apache HTTP server on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Please access the following URL to check if your Web server reaches the requirements by Yii, assuming "YiiPath" is where Yii is installed:



Yii comes with a command line tool called "yiic" that can create a skeleton Yii application for you to start with.

On command line, type in the following commands:

    $ cd YiiPath/framework                (Linux)
    cd YiiPath\framework                  (Windows)

    $ ./yiic webapp ../testdrive          (Linux)
    yiic webapp ..\testdrive              (Windows)

The new Yii application will be created at "YiiPath/testdrive". You can access it with the following URL:



Please visit the project website for tutorials, class reference and join discussions with other Yii users.

The Yii Developer Team