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GT(随身调)是APP的随身调测平台,它是直接运行在手机上的“集成调测环境”(IDTE, Integrated Debug&Test Environment)。


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[US English]

What is GT?

GT (Great Tit) is a portable debugging tool for bug hunting and performance tuning on smartphones anytime and anywhere just as listening music with Walkman. GT can act as the Integrated Debug Environment by directly running on smartphones.

With the help of GT, you can carry out the following jobs only using one smartphone: quick performance tests (CPU, memory, flow, power, fluency tests etc.), viewing developer log and crash log, capturing the network packets, debugging the APP internal parameters and code time-consuming statistics.

If the functions GT provides cannot meet your requirements, you can also develop your own GT plugins with special functions to help solving more complicated debugging issues.

For more details, please refer to

How to use?

GT are supported on both IOS and Android platforms.

The IOS GT is a Framework package, which must be compiled into your APPs before being used. It can be supported by both iPhone and iPad APPs.

The Android GT is composed of one GT console APP which can be installed directly and GT SDK. GT SDK must be embedded into the applications so that GT console can display the information and modify the parameters.

If you have more questions, welcome to join our QQ group: 145535035 (Note: when applying to join the QQ group please attach the following information: GT Communication)

Source code description

The directory "android" is for Android GT version. The directory "ios" is for iOS GT version.

[Simplified Chinese]


GT(随身调)是APP的随身调试平台,它是直接运行在手机上的“集成调试环境”(IDTE, Integrated Debug Environment)。







Android版由一个可直接安装的GT控制台APP和GT SDK组成,GT控制台可以独立安装使用,SDK需嵌入被调试的应用、并利用GT控制台进行信息展示和参数修改。



android是Android版本GT。 ios是iOS版本GT。