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简单易用的Python Web Framework


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Uliweb Change Log

0.5 Version

  • Fix OneToOne result object not be cached bug
  • When access reversed OneToOne property, if OneToOne record not existed, it'll auto create a blank object automatically. And if delete one record, it'll delete reversed onetoone record also.
  • Add lock protect when creating request and response local instance in _open() function
  • Add ORM Model migrate support
  • Refactor SortedDict with dict base class
  • Add model_config app, to support dynamic create model
  • Add model ipython notebook support
  • Refact sqldot
  • Add environ variables passing in uliweb shell command
  • Change app_url syntax to {'suffix':} to {'prefix':} only for dict data type
  • Add URL route option in settings, it is [URL_ROUTE], format is

    any_key_1 = ('mapping_str', 'replacement')
    any_key_2 = ('mapping_str', 'replacement')
  • Change uliweb jupyter extension load mechanism from automatically to %load_ext uliweb

0.4.1 Version

  • Add new app sequence, you can use it to create sequence value.
  • Fix generic version parameter passing to bug, only when version is not False will be passed
  • Improve nginx and supervisor config content for deployment
  • Fix multi expose expose('/') and expose('') for the same URL bug
  • Add strict_slashes=False to Map instance.
  • Add Reference() with reference_class is None, it can replace SelfReference
  • Add ManyToMany() with reference_class is None, it can implements self manytomany relationship.
  • Fix ManyToMany() with through model references to the same model bug

0.4 Version

  • Refactor template with tornado
  • Fix Pickle default value process bug, will not convert empty value to ''
  • Add staticize command
  • Resume DEBUG_TEMPLATE option for template
  • Fix count implement when there is group_by, limit, join, it'll use select count(*) from (select * from table)
  • Add debug parameter for tracing i18n language
  • ORM add duplication support, so you can set it in CONNECTIONS options, it'll make definition of Model engine simple
  • Add set_session() function to orm
  • Add fieldname parameter to Property, and fix column mapping process between property and table field
  • Add -z paramter to load and loadtable command, thanks for linuxr
  • Fix tmp/templates_temp creation

0.3.1 Version

  • Add qqmail mail server backend support, thanks to Yubin Wang
  • Add yes option, remove --force of makeapp,makeproject command
  • Remove has_options attribute in Command class
  • Fix include bug in ini
  • Fix condition test bug of orm.get()
  • Add sqlshell command
  • Add having and join support to ORM
  • Add whole database dump and load support #33
  • Add NotFound to all of orm
  • Fix recorder bug
  • Add validatetemplate command to validate syntax for template files

0.3 Version

  • Fix pyini "key=" for raw output bug
  • Fix objcache for Lazy field bug, it'll refresh first if found Lazy field
  • Fix executing orm command raise Exception not be thrown bug
  • Refact multidb support
  • Change UserWarn to DeprecationWarning
  • Fix syncdb for different table name between Model.__tablename__ and settings bug
  • Remove get_cached() and add cache parameter to Model.get()
  • Add get_local_cache() and clear_local_cache() in order to compatiable with SimpleFrame implementation
  • ORM Property.to_str() will return string but not unicode for CHAR and VARCHAR.
  • Simplify server_default, if integer given, it'll be convert to text(n)
  • ManyResult.all() can receive a cache parameter
  • Improve dump() and load(), add PickleType , ManyToMany support
  • Refact objcache app implementation and add exclude config option
  • Remove primary_key detect, because multi primary_key columns can make composite primary key, add partition support for mysql

you can define:

__table_args__ = {
    'mysql_partitions': '6'
  • add None patch process, you can set '', 'empty, 'exception'.
  • move uliweb/orm/middle*.py to uliweb/contrib/orm
  • move uliweb/i18n/ to uliweb/contrib/i18n
  • move storage from core to utils directory
  • improve count process
  • Fix Reference and ManyToMany dump and load bug
  • Add is_in_web() funciton, so you can test if current frame is in web executation
  • Add --gevent support to call command
  • Add any to Model, Result, ManyResult
  • Add clear_prefix() to redis_cli APP, this feature need redis 2.6+ version
  • Add version check to redis_cli APP, default is disabled
  • Add clear_table() to objcache APP
  • Add 'id' parameter to get() and get_object() and get_cached_object() functions, so that if the ID can't be found in cache, condition (old parameter) will be used. And when id and condition given both, only when id is not integer or valid expression condition will be used. So in most cases, you don't need pass condition.
  • If not set url option for session of database type, it'll automatically use ORM settings if exists
  • Add settings and local_settings env variables support
  • Fix count bug
  • Change orm requirement.txt, add uliweb-alembic package
  • generic app add avalon and mmgrid support
  • Model.put() not is deprecated, you should use save
  • add version support when saving, and add save callback parameter.

0.2.6 Version

  • Add warning output for Reference class parameter of relation properties definition.
  • Fix manual and total process bug in ListView and SelectListView
  • Fix rawsql bug
  • Add get_object() support in Generic ListView
  • Fix get_cached() bug
  • Fix process_files in generic add and edit functions bug
  • Add import readline before enter shell environment
  • change occ name to version
  • Improve autocomplete in shell command
  • Fix manytomany cached value is not used when do the save, because of not stored in _old_values
  • If you've already define primary key in Model, then it'll not create id property for you, just like:

    user_id = Field(int, primary_key=True, autoincrement=True)
  • Fix sqldot bug and improve sqlhtml generation

  • Eanble colored log output by default.

  • Add recorder app, you can use it to record the visit url, and test it later

0.2.5 Version

  • Fix config template and add uwsgi shell support
  • Add environment variables support in settings.ini. For example, there is a MYSQL_PORT defined in environment, so you can defined something in settings.ini:

    port = $MYSQL_PORT
    port_str = '${MYSQL_PORT}'

    $MYSQL_PORT is the same as ${MYSQL_PORT}. Just when the variable follows identifier, so ${} can easily separate between them.

  • Add STATIC_COMBINE_CONFIG configuration, you can toggle static combination with it. Default is False. The configuration is:

    enabled = False
  • Fix objcache app bug, if not fields defined in settings, it'll use all columns of table

  • Add get_table function to functions, you can use it to get table object. Used in uliweb.contrib.tables app.

  • Add local_cache to local in SimpleFrame, and it can be used to store require relative cache values, and it'll be empty after each require process.

  • Improve get_object() function in ORM, add use_local parameter, so the cached value will be checked in local_cache first, and also save it in local_cache when get a value from cache or database.

  • Improve objcache config format, you can also define table like this:

    user = {'fields':['username'], 'expire':expire_time, 'key':callable(instance)|key_field}
    user = ['username', 'nickname']
    user = 

    If no fields defined, it'll use all fields of Model. And if expire is 0 or not defined, it'll not expired at all.

    key will be used to replace id, if you want another key value, and it can be also a callable object, it'll receive an instance of Model parameter, so you can create any key value as you want.

  • Add Optimistic Concurrency Control support for ORM, so you should defined version Field first in Model, then when you save the object, you should use:

    If there is already other operation saved the record, it'll raise an SaveError Exception by default, because the version has been changed. You can also pass:

    • occ_fieldname used to defined the version fieldname, default is version
    • occ_exception used to enabled Exception raised, default is True, if you set it False it'll return False, but not raise an Exception.

0.2.4 Version

  • Fix ORM is not compatible with SQLAlchemy 0.9.1. Old style:

    cond = None
    cond = ( & None

    will not right in 0.9.1, because None will not be skipped, so you can change above code cond = None to :

    from sqlalchemy.sql import true
    cond = true()


    from uliweb.orm import true
    cond = true()
  • add __contains__ to functions, so you can test if an API is already defined, just use:

    'flash' in functions
  • Refact, remove functions.flash and functions.get_fileserving dependencies by default.

  • Fix yield support in view function, you can also used in gevent environment, for example:

    def test():
        yield "<ul>"
        for i in range(10):
            yield "<li>%d</li>" % (i + 1)
        yield "</ul>"
  • Fix rawsql() bug for different database engine

  • Fix jsonp() dumps Chinese characters bug

  • Add trim_path() function to utils/, it can trim a file path to limited length, for example:

    >>> a = '/project/apps/default/settings.ini'
    >>> trim_path(a, 30)

    Default limited length is 30.

  • Add ORM connection information output when given -v option in command line. And the password will be replace with '*'. For example:

    $>uliweb syncdb -v
    Connection : mysql://blog:***@localhost/blog?charset=utf8
    [default] Creating [1/1, blog] blog...EXISTED
  • Add multiple apps support for makeapp command, so you can use :

    uliweb makeapp a b c

    to create a, b, c apps at once time.

  • Refactor save_file() process, add headers and convertors parameter.

    headers used to create csv header instead of using column name, but you can create alias name like this:


    and convertors used to convert column value, for example:

    def name(value, data):
        value is the column value
        data is the current record object
        return value + 'test'
    save_file(do_(select([])), 'test.csv', convertors={'name':name})
  • Fix call_view() invoke wrap_result bug. Missing pass handler parameter to wrap_result.

0.2.3 Version

  • Update nginx support output, add proxy_set_header
  • Add save_file() function to orm, so you can save select result to a csv file
  • Add save_file() method to Result.
  • Fix missing clear() function of SortedDict.
  • Fix i18n process, for project and apps extraction, it'll create application first, so that user defined tag will be registered correctly. But user defined tag will be limited later.
  • Add walk_dirs() to utils/ This function can ignore some files and file ext, and supports fnmatch pattern.

0.2.2 Version

  • Add clear() to SortedDict
  • Add protect for form to generic AddView and EditView, default is enabled, so user can't submit a form multiple times.
  • Add --blocks parameter to uliweb find -t templatefile --blocks, it'll display all blocks defined in template. With --with-filename will display template filename also.
  • ini replace variable will be moved to the end of section
  • Add content-range support for filedown thanks to zhangchunlin
  • Improve import_attr(), support pkg_resource entry point string format, 'module:object.attr'
  • Add requirements.txt to uliweb.contrib.orm, install: SQLAlchemy, MySQL-python, alembic first
  • Add logo files
  • Fix find -t --blocks bug
  • Add DEBUG_TEMPLATE option to settings/GLOBAL, if it's True, then all blocks in a template will be surrounded by comment code just like:

    <!-- BLOCK title (apps/theme/templates/theme/skeleton.html) -->
    <!-- END title -->

But this output may breaks template output, so make sure you just use it in debug mode.

  • Add --color option to runserver, default is False. The log output will be colored by default. And you can change it in [LOG.COLORS]. Color supported is: BLACK, RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, MAGENTA, CYAN, WHITE.
  • Add config command support. It'll create config file to console. You can also define your own config file structure to support this command in apps. Just set template_files/config, and write xxxxx.conf and even xxxxx.ini, in xxxxx.ini you can set variables and default values which used in xxxxx.conf. So xxxxx.conf can have template variables.
  • Improve support command, also support file structure defined under apps.
  • Fix template normcase bug, changed to normpath.
  • Refactor ORM Reference, OneToOne, ManyToMany init process, it'll be lazy initialized, and you should use get_model to get the Model. Because of lazy process, when two Models are in same, and they have relationship with them, the reversed properties will not assigned to reference class like before, you should use get_model to get those models.
  • Make get_model() set_model() don't distinquish case
  • Fix expose for two different view functions but with the same URL does not keep the last one bug
  • Fix rabc init not using functions.has_role and functions.has_permission.
  • Fix bug
  • Fix rule process, add expose(replace, template) support
  • Revert ORM.NULLABLE = True

0.2.1 Version

  • Add uliweb.utils.timeit module, use can use @timeit(prompt) to calcalate the time used about a code block
  • change default file_serving action parameter value to None
  • Fix Reference validate bug

0.2 Version

  • Fix auth.models get_href bug
  • Change ORM save() process, it'll keep the manytomany data, before will remove them from data
  • Add changed, saved and send_disptach to save() function.
  • Improve set_echo(), add time, explain, caller parameters.
  • Add get_caller() to utils.common module.
  • Add CheckboxSelectField to form.
  • Add jsonp function, just like json.
  • Fix rule merge bug
  • Improve get_redis(**options) enable pass parameters to it.
  • Improve jsonp() only alphabetic and number available in callback parameter
  • Improve pyini, support cross section variable referer and lazy process support
  • Improve load command, add total records and used time display, and also use bulk insert
  • add test_image function in uliweb/utils/
  • add xhr_redirect_json support. When you start uliweb application, you can pass xhr_redirect_json(boolean) to it, and default value is True. It means if the request is ajax, so the redirect will be returned as a json result with 500 status code. So the frontend can use it to redirect as what it wants.
  • ORM remove/clear empty condition will delete all records
  • Add classonlymethod() to uliweb.utils.common, it just likes classmethod, but it'll limit only class object can invoke the method rather than instance object.
  • Refactor upload app, add download to functions
  • Improve secretkey app, add -o to specify output file. Add keyfile to most functions.
  • Add MIME_TYPES section to upload app, but it'll only effect with uliweb application, but not web server
  • Improve call command, enable call modules ouside apps directory, and add project path to sys.path
  • Fix orm PICKLE update bug, use deepcopy to save old_value.
  • Add tornado server support.
  • Add gevent and gevent-socketio server support.
  • Add install command support, you can write requirements.txt in project directory or app directory.
  • Add create while makeproject
  • make_application() can reenter
  • Add ORM/MODELS_CONFIG support

0.1.7 Version

  • Fix uliweb.contrib.tables bug
  • Improve generic command can process camel_view to CamelView
  • Add pretty_dict function to common
  • Fix xmlrpc not compatiable with prepare_request
  • Convert unknown object with str() in json_dumps
  • Add encrypt and decrypt function to functions
  • Fix pyini list value process bug for set can't process un-hashed object
  • Change find tempalte result, also will list the parent template file with the same name
  • Improve find template with --tree parameter, and it'll show a tree view of tmplate extend or include.
  • Improve alembic init, it will remove alembic path first.
  • Remove orm derived duplication check, so that user can overwrite the property of parent
  • Add Decimal default precision to 10, and scale to 2
  • Add functions.request_url() this can be replace request.url.
  • Add count number to orm command when process multiple tables and also display appname of the model
  • Add post_commit to transcation middleware. So you can bind a callback to it.
  • Add sequence to Property.
  • Remove LoginForm validate process, because authenticate already done this.
  • Add authenticate to functions
  • Add functions to uliweb shell
  • Add ORM Lazy and cache support
  • Refactor get_commands process
  • Add flat_list and remove cach_get in
  • Refactor objcache app
  • Add redis_cli app
  • Fix upload app bug
  • Add CHECK_MAX_LENGTH to orm app. So if it's True, and if max_length is not passed a value, it'll raise an Exception. Or if CHECK_MAX_LENGTH is False, max_length will be 255 by default.
  • Add post_do and rawsql function to orm.
  • Change generic/template_files/common/ to
  • Add GenericReference value (Model, object_id) support
  • Fix pyini save process
  • Fix _create_kwargs quote characters bug, and change the function to to_attrs
  • Refactor multiple db support, only one engine supported for each class.
  • Add static combine functionality, so you can combine some js or css files into one file.
  • Improve sql command, add index output, and also add sqltable command.
  • Add SQLMonitor
  • Fix unbind bug
  • Improve ORM auto and auto_add process. If auto and auto_add are both False or None, default will be used. And if one of auto or auto_add is True, then only add or update will use default value.
  • improve do_ process, and add set_echo() function, so you can use it to debug sql executation
  • improve shell command, add filename support
  • mail add sendmail support
  • fix zip mode bug in dump and add zip support for dumptable command
  • remove kwargs['default'] = self.default process
  • add expiry_time support for session key
  • Fix checkbox label delimeter bug
  • add cache parameter to ids()
  • add mapping_only support and add not remove table in alembic diff support, you should add --remove
  • add --force for alembic diff and add server_default compare support
  • Add, so you can use it to output colored log
  • fix now() for date and time
  • Upgrade werkzeug to 0.9.1
  • Improve ssl options

0.1.6 Version

  • Add CSRF support thanks for Damon
  • Add multiple lines comment tag {{## ##}} support to template
  • Improve makeproject project template, add .gitignore and local_settings.ini
  • Refactor call_view() so that fix the soap view function will invoke __begin__ or __end__ twice bug.
  • Refactor Functions, and Decorators, add parent class Finder. Also you can import from uliweb
  • Replace class type judgement with inspect.isclass()
  • Fix --version command argument process bug.
  • Improve import_mod_attr, and make it can receive object parameter
  • Add handler() function to Dispatcher, and it'll return an instance of DispatcherHandler and it provide get, post, delete, .etc, restful api, and you can invoke them to execute an url, for example:

    from uliweb import application
    handler = application.handler()
    r = handler.get('/index')
    #r is response object
  • Add client_from_application() to uliweb/utils/

  • Add dispatcher_cls and dispatcher_kwargs to make_application and make_simple_applicatin, so you can pass difference Disptacher class which provided by uliweb/core/

  • Add PUT and PATCH judgement to csrf middleware.

  • Fix for multiple times extending the same template file bug

  • Expose filename_convert() function from upload app

  • Add get_uuid() function to utils/

  • Fix get_collection_name() bug

  • Fix json bug, when dealing with 0x00-0x1f

  • Add generic app, so user can use functions.ListView

  • Add fieldset support for BootstrapLayout

  • Change json_body to json_result, add .f attributes to DetailView object

  • Change IntField build class to Number, so the html code will be <input type="number"/>

  • Change DateTimeField html creation with UTC to no UTC.

  • Fix GET and POST bind to same url but with different method will be replaced bug

  • Fix u""" and u''' bug in pyini process

  • Skip empty templates directories when startup

  • Module of template_plugins can be configured in settings.ini

  • Add df parameter to common.copy_dir processor callback function

  • Remove return, continue, break unindent process, so only pass will unindent used

  • Add generic command, you can use it to create scafold of List, Add, View, Edit, Delete, it support angularjs, html, easyui theme.

  • Add Builder class to, then refactor generic.DetailView , so you can use {{<< view.body}} to get the body result but not the whole paragraph.

  • Add kwargs to ORM get, filter, and also add for_update method to Result, so. you can do select with for update lock, for example:

    Model.get(, for_update=True)
  • generic ListView and SimpleListView can get value of page and rows from request, so if you pass these variables in the GET or POST, you don't need to parse them and then pass them to ListView or SimpleListView, you can just skip them, ListView and SimpleListView will parse them automatically

  • Result.for_update can receive an argument, default it True, and string also can be accpeted, please see the sqlalchemy doc for details.

  • Add secretkey app, when you installed this app, you can execute cmd:

    uliweb makekey

to create a secretkey file, which will be locate in current directory by default. Then:

from uliweb import functions
des = functions.get_cipher()
d = des.encrypt('hello')
  • Remove pagecache app
  • Add safe_unicode and safe_str support i18n LazyString class
  • Refactor generic.ListView and generic.SimpleListView output, the table will be and Builder object, so you can:

  • Add get_input() to, you can use it to get a value from command line if an option is not given

  • Remove APP_LAYOUT functionality, and it can be replaced with

    settings.APP_LAYOUTS.get('messages', 'layout.html')

so you can still config app's layout template in settings.ini. Another way is to replace app's layout template in a new app with the same filename, and then install it after the original app in INSTALLED_APPS.

0.1.5 Version

  • Change cache settings, remove file_dir and lock_dir as 0.1.3 before
  • Add more info about dispatch call exception output
  • Add uliweb.contrib.form app, and add get_form() function.
  • Make auth support get_form() appoach
  • Improve file_storage process.
  • Fix RedirectException still display bug.
  • Add TablenameConvert support to uliweb.orm, you can pass an converter function via orm.set_tablename_converter(converter) function, or defined it in settings.ini if you are in a project, for example:

    TABLENAME_CONVERTER = 'uliweb.utils.common.camel_to_'

Then if the Model name is CamelCase then it'll be converted to camel_case.

  • Add Reference, OneToOne, ManyToMany relation definition in Model level
  • If collection_name is None, and if there is already tablename_set existed, then it'll create new collection_name automatically, so that the collection_name will not be duplication at all. But if the user pass the collection_name, and if there is tablename_set already, then raise the Exception always. Please note the difference about it.
  • Change default max_length of CHAR, str, unicode as 255. The original default value is 30.
  • Add [GLOBAL_OBJECTS] mechanism, objects config in here will be injected into uliweb.
  • Add validators to uliweb, but this appoach is using [VALIDAOTRS] mechanism.
  • Add IS_LENGTH_LESSTHAN validator to if there is max_length exists.
  • Add newline and attrs to core/, for example:

    >>> print Tag('p', 'Hello', attrs={'data-link':'ok'}, newline=False)
    <p data-link="ok">Hello</p>

so you can pass data-link to attrs. For newline=False will not create \n.

  • Remove Script of core/
  • Add doc.
  • Fix BootstrapTableLayout HiddenField creation bug.
  • Add serial_cls support, so you can config session serial class yourself. Default is Cache.Serial.
  • If the url prefix '!' then don't parse it with appname URL prefix. For example:

  • Improve url expose for '!' process, and make class view also support it. Add

  • Change form validate_xxx in the front of the original validator functions, move BaseField validate error mssage to module level, e.g. ERR_REQUIRED

  • Fix i18n bug for LazyString

  • Add chmod after mkdirs in extract_dir function

  • Add alembic init command will drop alembic_version table

  • Add DEBUG_CONSOLE config to seperate DebugApplication evalex parameter from DEBUG

0.1.4 Version

  • Fix utils/date.to_datetime() support %f(misrosecond) format
  • Add microsecond format support in utils/
  • Improve DateField, TimeField, DatetimeField process with date module
  • Remove doc test from to
  • Fix can't parse Class View function directly, such as defined in settings.ini, also fix app URL definition for relative expose bug.
  • Add and add sort() method to sorteddict class
  • Add common set_var and get_var and configure them in default_settings.ini
  • improve soap app, add multiple soap support, details you should see soap doc
  • Refactor form, add build propert and function to Form class, and the result should be: pre_html, begin, body, buttons, end, post_html
  • Add default parameter to uliweb/utils/ get_choice()
  • Improve template extend and include process, if you extend the same filename with current filename, then it'll find the parent same named filename. This way can make new same named filename but extended from parent. Also support include tag.
  • Add APP_LAYOUT support in uliweb.contrib.template, so in your template you can use: {{use layout_template}} in your tmplate, and config the app layout template as:

    appname = 'layout.html'

so when render the template, the layout_template will be replaced with layout.html

  • Add QueryString and query_string support in
  • Fix dispatch signal process bug
  • Set werkzeug log level to 'info', #issue 2
  • Improve checkbox creation
  • Change wsgi_staticfiles apps order, later defined app will be processed earlier
  • Refactor add call() function, add -f option to makeproject and makeapp
  • Add test file.
  • Add creator parameter to cache.get() and also support callable for value
  • Add memcache storage support, and add inc(), dec() to cache
  • Refactor require_login, remove has_login, require_login will raise Redirect Exception so you don't need to just return value
  • Change Redirect to RedirectException, and redefine Redirect as function
  • Fix soap configure reading bug
  • Fix log format bug
  • Fix pysimplesoap bool type bug

0.1.3 Version

  • Fix loadtable bug for PickleType type, using inspecttable instead, so PickleyType will be BLOB type.
  • Improve template process:

    • Add #uliweb-template-tag:<begin_tag>,<end_tag><newline> process to template file, and you can also pass begin_tag and end_tag to Template, and template_file() or template()
    • Add [TEMPLATE_PROCESSOR] section to default_settings.ini, so that user can setup his own template processor, the option will look like:

      angularjs_template = {'file_exts':['.ahtml'],
      • the key is not very important, but you should keep it unique
      • file_exts will be the file extensions, it's a list, so the processor can match multiple filenames
      • processor will be the path of template function, uliweb will import it when needed
      • args will be a dict, and it will be passed to template function
    • Add BEGIN_TAG and END_TAG to settings.ini, so user can change default tag name from {{ and }} to other strings. But this appoach will effect globally, so if you are using other apps with templates which using old tag strings, will cause errors. So using #uliweb-template-tag or TEMPLATE_PROCESSOR maybe the good way, but you still need to set it in template file or set response.template with other template extension, because the defult template file extension is .html. For example:

      def index():
          response.template = 'index.ahtml'
          return {}

    Above code will override the default template filename from index.html to index.ahtml.

  • Add Redirect support. Redirect is an exception, and also add Redirect support in middle_session. Because Redirect is an exception, so it'll implement process_exception and save the session also.

  • Fix fields_convert_map initialization bug

  • Fix template get_text() bug, add inherit_tags parameter to it, and if it's False, will use default begin and end tag string.

  • Fix for Chinese characters bug.

  • Change the order of creating table colums according the definition of Model

  • Fix pyini/uni_prt bug. And change uni_prt to uniprt.

  • Add object() to ListView

  • Upgrade pysimplesoap to 1.05a

0.1.2 Version

  • Fix permission tag, and change PERMISSION definitions in settings.ini, now the PERMISSION definition can use dict datatype, just like:

    PERM = {'name':'PERM', 'roles':['a', 'b'], 'description':'PERM}

and with this method, you don't need to define ROLES_PERMISSIONS section

  • Add TransactionMiddle as default settings in ORM settings.ini. By default, if you add 'uliweb.contrib.orm', the transaction middleware will automatically enabled. In the previous version, you should add this middleware yourself.
  • Add app arguments to exportstatic command
  • Remove --with-static option of export command, so default behavior is export static folder
  • Fix default file_serving process, add x_filename process, in order to make alt filename support processing correctly.
  • Add -m option to find command, so you can use:

    uliweb find -m model_name

to find the model is defined in which model

  • Add manytomany parameter to Model.delete() function, so it'll automatically delete manytomany relationships.
  • Add tables app to uliweb.
  • Add GenericReference and GenericRalation support
  • Add BigIntegerProperty support, the shorthand is Field(BIGINT)
  • Add __pk_type__ variable, current is 'int', others will be 'biginteger', you can use set_pk_type(name) to switch it, also add PKTYPE() function, you can use Field(PKTYPE()) to create ForeignKey Property according the option, in web project, you can swith it via ORM/PK_TYPE
  • Add delete_fieldname parameter to Model.delete(), so if you pass True, it'll assume the delete_fieldname is 'deleted', and if you pass real field_name it'll use it directly. This way will not delete the record at all, just change the delete_fieldname value from False to True.
  • Fix RemoteField default datatype as int and default value is None.
  • Refactor the ReferenceProperty datatype process.
  • Add class and id parameter to Form, and fix formclass process
  • Refactor template, add BaseBlockNode class, and add end() process for block type node.

0.1.1 Version

  • Add BAE(Baidu Application Engine) and Heroku support

0.0.1 Version

  • Support i18n language setting key in query_string, and you can also configure keyword in settings.ini.